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This experience was great. Elvis and Doris acted very professionally and helped me through some tough times.

Henry Z.

I’m very pleased with Elvis. This is a very comfortable atmosphere to work out in. Pleasant, friendly, and informative – Thank you.

Ana Rose C.

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. This was my second time in for treatment and I will return if I have any other injuries or treatment needs. Thank you!

Nancy C.

This was the best therapy I have ever received. Elvis is an outstanding physical therapist. He has helped me attain a very high level of functioning of my neck, shoulders, and back. I will try to maintain this with the home exercises he gave me.

Stephen P

I was very satisfied with the physical therapy treatment that I received at this facility. Staff is friendly and always pleasant. I have incorporated exercises to use at home and will miss the expertise and excellent received by Elvis!

Mary A


“My story- I have been here for 2 months now and what a
journey! I came to Elvis in a lot of pain. My doctor diagnosed a muscular
problem and Elvis thought something else. Thank God! An MRI was ordered and
Elvis was dead on. Over the past 2 months my body has gotten so strong. I feel
so much better and I am so thankful Elvis was here for me every step of the

Thank you so much-

“From the start to the end of my course of treatment,
Doris and Elvis have been kind, cooperative and accommodating.

Elvis has an obvious wealth of knowledge in regards to
physiology and injury treatment with the compassion needed to actually help
people choose to endure what is sometimes difficult treatment.”


“When I arrived to this clinic I was in a lot of pain and
experience muscle spasms. With the help of Elvis and his team, I was able to
recover from my injury. Because of the staff’s friendly service and kindness it
gave me a lot of motivation for a speedy recovery. Thanks for your professional

Best wishes in the future.
Eva F.

“I suffered terrible headaches for 2 years, which caused
me to have very poor performance at work, not to mention, an angry demeanor.
After 3 weeks of treatment from Dr. Elvis, my headaches went down to almost
nothing. After 6 week, I felt great. Very satisfied with my treatment by Dr.

Scott N.

“I’m very pleased and glad I was referred to this office
for treatment. It made all the difference in the world to work with such
knowledgeable and courteous staff. I feel 100% better, thank you so much for
all the help! I’m happy the treatment worked and I look forward to keeping
active and healthy.”

Jackie B.

“I had been to a previous PT Clinic and can say, Elvis
and Doris really gave me a very pleasant experience. Elvis took the time to
explain what was happening with my problem and gave me the relief I was looking
for, for over 2 years of having constant pain. He has explained how important
it is for me to maintain what he has done for me and for my future health. I
highly recommend Elvis.”

Beatrice L.

“This experience was great. Elvis and Doris acted very
professionally and helped me through some tough times.”

Henry Z.

“Elvis is the best! I couldn’t be more grateful for the
work he did with me to help me rehabilitate my knee. The entire staff is
everything a patient could ask for.”

Dr. Ramnarace,

After all that you’ve done for me, I thought you would
want an update on how everything is going since my muscle tear.

Our 4 x 800 meter team won both the district and regional
champion titles, landing us a spot in states. We got 12th, but it was a great
experience. We broke the 4 x 8 school record by four seconds, shattering the
longest held school record in any running event in school history. Our guy’s
team placed 1st in districts, 2nd in regionals, and tied for 47th (yeah I
know…) in states. Just recently, I ran a 5k in 18:31, I’ve attached some
pictures; feel free to browse them when you have time!

I know that none of this could’ve been possible without
your help and dedication, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“My problem I’ve had for 1 year, I don’t expect
“over-night” recovery. I’m happy for the graduated program where I can come
back and continue working.”

“Elvis is extremely creative and knowledgeable about how
the body works and how to correct impairments. My surgeon in Miami was very