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This experience was great. Elvis and Doris acted very professionally and helped me through some tough times.

Henry Z.

I’m very pleased with Elvis. This is a very comfortable atmosphere to work out in. Pleasant, friendly, and informative – Thank you.

Ana Rose C.

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. This was my second time in for treatment and I will return if I have any other injuries or treatment needs. Thank you!

Nancy C.

This was the best therapy I have ever received. Elvis is an outstanding physical therapist. He has helped me attain a very high level of functioning of my neck, shoulders, and back. I will try to maintain this with the home exercises he gave me.

Stephen P

I was very satisfied with the physical therapy treatment that I received at this facility. Staff is friendly and always pleasant. I have incorporated exercises to use at home and will miss the expertise and excellent received by Elvis!

Mary A

Description of Services

Orthopedic Rehabilitation


We can privide effective treatments for any of the following pathologies.
– Sports Injuries
– Post-Operative Cases
– Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Pain
– Wrist/Hand Pain
– Postural Dysfunction
– Low Back Pain
– Sacroiliac Joint Pain
– Arthritis
– Ligament Sprains/Tears
– Ankle/Foot Pain              
– Headaches
– Neck Pain
– Elbow Pain
– Mid Back/Rib Pain
– Core Strengthening
– Sciatica
– Hip/Groin Pain
– Knee Pain
– Muscle Strains/Tear
– Plantar Fasciitis


Neurological Rehabilitation

For anyone suffering mobility loss, debility, weakness, or decrease in function due to a Neurological disorders such a Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke etc. We can help to improve your quality of life by achieving your highest level of function.

Balance, Gait & Safety Training

We can provie the tools and the expertise to help improve your balance and gait. Giving you the necessary skills needed to maintain a saafe and independent lifestyle. Our Fall Prevention Program can prevent disaster before it occurs. See our Flyer for details. Flyer

Fitness Assessment & Program Design

At the Training Room, you can get a complete Musculoskeletal Evaluation that assesses Strength, Flexibility, Endurance and Balance. Based on the findings, you would have a personalized program designed that addresses any deficits. Stay healthy and enjoy doing the things you love doing by being preventative.

Runner’s Assessment

Improve Running mechanics and reduce injury occurrence. Evaluation includes complete Musculoskeletal evaluation & slow motion running analysis using high speed camera technology. Flyer